What Gaming Monitor is Best For PlayStation 5?

If you’re looking for a high-end monitor, you can’t go wrong with the Gigabyte AORUS FV43U. This 43-inch monitor comes with two HDMI 2.1 ports, and DisplayHDR 1000, which provides a vibrant image. If you need an overwhelming visual experience, you’ll also want to consider the Gigabyte FV43U.

Asus TUF Gaming VG289Q

The Asus TUF Gaming VG289 Q is a good choice if you’re considering buying a gaming monitor for the PS5. It offers a wide color gamut and an HDR (high dynamic range) feature that can help you get the best possible gaming experience. You can also take advantage of the monitor’s 144Hz refresh rate and adaptive sync for smoother frame rates. It isn’t a cheap monitor, but it does come with more features than you would expect for its price.

The Asus TUF Gaming VG289q gaming monitor supports HDR10 technology, which is increasingly being implemented by high-end games. This monitor also supports AMD’s FreeSync technology, but at 60 Hz, it’s underpowered for the PS5. The VG289Q does, however, have shadow boost technology, which enhances the colors of darker areas on the screen.

Asus ROG Strix XG16AHPE

Designed for gamer’s needs, the Asus ROG Strix XG 16AHPE features a portable 15.6-inch FHD display with 144Hz refresh rate and G-Sync support. Its small footprint and adjustable kickstand allow you to use it in either landscape or portrait orientation. The monitor runs on seven800 mAh of battery power, which is more than enough for hours of gaming.

The Asus ROG Strix XG 16AHPE is compatible with both PS4 and PlayStation 5. Despite the fact that it is a PlayStation 5 gaming monitor, it also supports PC games. It also supports multiple game systems, including Steam and PS4. In addition, it works with the Backbone One PlayStation Edition controller. The price is Rs. 14,999, which is a good deal compared to other gaming monitors.

Acer Nitro XV282K

The Acer Nitro XV282K is a 24-inch IPS monitor with a native resolution of 1080p. It comes with excellent gray uniformity, but it has a dirt-film-like effect in the center of the screen. In our tests, the monitor delivered a surprisingly realistic gaming experience. Overall, we’re very impressed with this monitor. It’s definitely worth considering for PS5 gamers.

Unlike some 24-inch models, the Acer Nitro XV282K supports HDR, which helps you get the best possible picture quality. It also includes AMD FreeSync, which minimizes perceived motion blur and reduces the maximum brightness. The monitor’s dual brightness settings – Normal and Extreme – allow you to choose the most effective picture preset for your PS5 gaming experience.

Gigabyte FV43U

Gigabyte FV43U gaming display has an impressive set of specifications and is best suited for PlayStation 5. Its high-resolution screen, low 1ms response time, and wide range of connections make it a good choice for gamers who need the highest-end picture quality. It also features a KVM and a dual USB 3.0 hub. It comes in a nice and compact package.

Gigabyte FV43U gaming display comes with multiple inputs, including two USB 3.0 ports and a USB Type-C port. It also has two HDMI 2.1 ports and one DisplayPort 1.4 (DSC). It also includes 1 x 3.5mm audio output. It is one of the best gaming monitors for PS5. We recommend it if you want the best image quality, the best picture clarity, and the most immersive experience.


The BenQ gaming monitor is one of the best for PS5 because of its sharp visuals. Its screen refresh rate is 240Hz and it has a maximum resolution of 1440p. This monitor also supports 4K signals from next-generation consoles such as the Xbox Series X. These features make it the best monitor for PS5 desktop gaming. It can be used for a wide range of games, including PC and console gaming.

The resolution is good enough, with 3,840 by 2,160 pixels and a slim bezel design. It doesn’t support 4K at 120Hz, but its high resolution and low-res display quality are enough to deliver good performance. The PS5 doesn’t support 4K at 120Hz, and that means you won’t get the smoothest gameplay with a monitor of that resolution. However, if you’re looking for an affordable gaming monitor, you can go for a 1080p model.

MSI MPG Artymis 323CQR

The MSI MPG Artymis 322CQR is an incredibly high-end gaming monitor that comes with a lot of features. The design of this monitor is very sleek and frameless, but it still has a lot of features to offer. It is capable of supporting two separate displays and a gaming console, and comes with a built-in KVM. This means that you can control two separate displays from the same keyboard.

The MSI MPG Artymis 322CQR is a incredibly good option for gamers, especially those who are playing games on the PlayStation 5. This gaming monitor is equipped with a 1000R screen, which perfectly conforms to the curvature of the human eye. This translates to an increased sense of immersion and coverage while gaming. This monitor is also equipped with MSI’s Smart Gaming Software, which has been developed through years of professional gaming experience in the eSports industry. Some of its features include Smart Brightness 2.0 and Night Vision AI, as well as the Optix Scope and Sound Tune technologies.

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